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Indonesia COFIS (Consolidated Fiscal) Database

The Indonesia Consolidated Fiscal dataset (COFIS) contains data on expenditure from the central and sub-national (provinces, districts) governments. The data comes from publicly available data sources, managed by the Government of Indonesia (GoI) and, unless indicated otherwise, is audited realized expenditure data.

The data is available by function, sector and economic classification for all levels of government, with consistent definitions across levels. “Functions” correspond to GoI classification, while “Sectors” correspond to World Bank’s areas of focus. Time series start at the beginning of decentralization, and include the most recent data. The data differs from original GoI data, as it has been retreated by the World Bank COFIS team (contact: COFIS@worldbank.org ) in order to:

  • make categories consistent across time
  • make categories consistent across levels of government
  • inflate consolidated sub-national figures to account for all sub-national governments expenditure - this is necessary since some sub-national governments fail to report their expenditure and cause missing values

Summarized and detailed manuals are available: we recommend that users refers to them to understand how the COFIS dataset is constructed and understand its limitations.

COFIS is not intended to meet all public financial analytical needs, and for instance does not contain expenditure data for individual sub-national governments, or expenditure data by line ministry / agency. Companions datasets (notably on expenditure by ministry / agency) and other resources are available (see links on the Indonesia resource page) to address those needs, in particular INDO-DAPOER (Indonesia Database for Policy and Economic Research) contains disaggregated fiscal data for all sub-national governments in Indonesia.

The COFIS database is a work in progress: it will be maintained to include new data as it becomes available and will evolve in scope, notably to include revenue data.

Disclaimer for Indonesia Consolidated Fiscal (COFIS) Database:

  1. The original fiscal data used to develop the Indonesia COFIS database comes from the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. Central government fiscal data comes from DG Treasury at MoF and sub-national government fiscal data from DG Fiscal balance at MOF. While some data is reproduced in COFIS exactly as it is in official reports, most data in the COFIS database has been retreated by World Bank staff. Hence, for attribution please use the following:

    • For consolidated and aggregated figures: Indonesia COFIS Database - World Bank Staff Calculation based on Ministry of Finance (MoF) data
    • For central government data only: Indonesia COFIS Database - World Bank Staff Calculation based on DG Treasury Ministry of Finance (MoF) data
    • For sub-national government data only: Indonesia COFIS Database - World Bank Staff Calculation based on DG Fiscal Balance Ministry of Finance (MoF) data
  2. The data in the COFIS database has been through various adjustments and retreatments, hence it may take different values from other data sources, including official ones. Please refer to the manual for more detailed explanations. For further clarification, please contact cofis@worldbank.org or rnikijuluw@worldbank.org or ihapsari@worlbank.org

  3. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia) has no liability for the content in this database or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless subsequently confirmed in writing.

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